Ocean Bank

Parking Garage
Structural Repairs
Threshold Inspection

Miami, FL

2013 – Present

Mr. Eric Concepcion

Ocean Bank

Ocean Bank is located in Miami, Florida. Scope of work includes the structural repairs and restoration of the existing 6-story parking garage. Areas of work include concrete, masonry, precast elements, expansion joints, post-tension rails and waterproofing.

Services include the following:

  • On-site evaluation of existing conditions and deterioration.
  • Preparation of repair specifications for concrete repairs, precast elements, masonry, expansion joints, post-tension rails, waterproofing, sealing and painting.
  • Preparation of bid package, pre-bid meeting, and review of bid submittals.
  • Coordination with the Owner, Contractor, Miami Dade County Building Department and Municipal Inspector.
  • Review of shop drawings and structural submittals, and material specs. Review and inspection of shoring and re-shoring plans.
  • Special inspections during the construction process, including site observations, maintenance of inspection log and preparation of written reports