Miami Dade County Courthouse

High Rise Office Building
Threshold Inspection

Downtown Miami, FL

2013 – Present

Mr. Jeffery Aquino

Miami-Dade County Courthouse

The Historic Miami Dade County Courthouse is located in Downtown, Miami. The 28-story structure was built between 1925 and 1928. Scope of work includes the assessment, evaluation and repair specification of the existing 144 columns at the basement level. Engineering services
include condition survey, repair drawings and specifications, permitting, preparation of bid documents, and construction management for the NDE evaluation and repair of the existing basement level column encasements.

Services included the following:

  • On-site evaluation of existing conditions and deterioration.
  • Structural analysis and design.
  • Preparation of concrete repair and restoration specifications.
  • Preparation of structural drawings and calculations.
  • Coordination with City of Coral Gables Building Department and Municipal Inspector.
  • Coordination and consultation with Architect and Historical department.
  • Review of shop drawings and structural submittals, including steel, material specs, steel rails and pre-cast items.
  • Review and inspection of shoring and re-shoring plans.
  • Threshold inspections during the entire construction process, including site observations, maintenance of inspection log and preparation of written reports.