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Threshold Inspections

U.S. Structures provides Special Inspection services for Threshold Buildings in compliance with Section 109.3.6 for the Florida Building Code. Our inspection team consists of engineers with construction management backgrounds. Our inspectors have extensive experience and knowledge of local construction practices and requirements. Our experience includes the inspection of shoring and re-shoring plans; installation of reinforcement; placement of concrete; installation of reinforced masonry; structural steel placement and erection, and post-tension stressing.

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40-Year Building Recertifications

Structural (and electrical) inspection is required for all buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties that are 40 years and older (and every 10 years thereafter). Recertification must be provided by a Florida licensed Engineer or Architect, ultimately stating that the building is safe for continued use. Commercial and residential buildings that are older than 40 years will receive a “Notice of Required Recertification” from the County. You will then have 90 days to complete the required inspections. The advantage of hiring an engineering firm directly to provide such services becomes evident if deficiencies currently exist on the structure. Most inspection companies do not have the capabilities or licensing to provide permit drawings for any required structural repairs. By engaging the services of an engineering firm from the onset, you save time and resources. If you know that recertification for your property is due in the near future, we strongly encourage you to assess the condition of your building ahead of time, instead of waiting to be noticed. Planning ahead allows you the advantage of phasing any required repairs and negotiation for better terms and pricing from contractors. USSI can assist you through this process. Please contact us for a quote or if we can answer any questions related to this process.

Recent Projects